Top 5 Must Do’s in the Altai Mountains

Mongolia is a massive country and finding information on the best “tourist destinations” can be difficult. Most travellers will either book a tour starting and finishing in the capital city of Ulanbataar, or do as we did and try and make our way across Mongolia independently.

Going independent is not without its fare share of difficulties, but regardless of what local tour guides in UB may tell you, it is possible. If you have time up your sleeve we recommend heading as far West as you can go, until your practically knocking on Russia and China’s door, this area is known as the Altai region and is especially known for its impressive mountain ranges.
backpacking in altai mountains
To reach the Altai mountains you’ll want to head towards the city of Olgii. This city is a concrete wasteland and honestly is a depressing place with nothing to offer so get in, find a driver, and get out!


Golden Eagle Festival 2012

Event date: 6-7 October
Venue: Bayan-Ulgii province Mongolia
Photo by Explore Great Altai Tours and Expeditions
This annual festival, which celebrates the Golden Eagle as well as the hunters' traditional culture, is arranged by the local Kazakh community and members of the Berkut Association, a community-based conservation organization.

Wild Flowers of Altai Tavan Bogd

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Mongolian Kazakhs are rich in cultural heritage

These include:
-Art crafts such as wooden bowls, spoons, pots, horse saddle frames, chests, bed frames, handcraft for decoration of the inside of the traditional Kazakh tent-dwelling.


Mongolia Visa

The Mongolian visa is a permission granted to foreign citizens or stateless person by Mongolian authorized organization to enter the territory of Mongolia.


Altai Tavan Bogd

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is in Bayan-Ulgii Province, Mongolia.

Munkhhairhan Mountain

Munkhhairhan mountain is the second peak in Mongolia elevated to the altitude of 4204 meters in Mongol Altai mountainous region.


Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui (Cave)

Reproduction of cave painting, perhaps earliest depiction of Bactrian camel.
Paleolithic period, ca. 4000-15000 BCE.