Mongolian Kazakhs are rich in cultural heritage

These include:
-Art crafts such as wooden bowls, spoons, pots, horse saddle frames, chests, bed frames, handcraft for decoration of the inside of the traditional Kazakh tent-dwelling.

-Artisan products from needles, buttons, and jewelry to horseshoes, nails, silver and gold coated horse wares and etc.
-Embroidery: carpets, wall hangings, bedding and other decorative items.
-Household items such as bags, sacks, knitted items;
-Handmade felt rugs, carved patterns, embroided;
-Colorfully decorated straw linings for Kazakh traditional tent dwelling;
-Traditional leather processing, leather rope, harness and other horse ware, coat, trousers, boots making technology have been still being used effec­tively.
These are way of life on the one hand, cultural heritage on the other.
Lifestyle of Kazakhs are largely shaped by their cultural values and beliefs. Kazakhs practice high de­gree of hygiene and cleanness in their everyday life. They wear leather socks to keep their feet clean, make handmade soap, women wear head ware to cover their hair and shoulders, routinely wash their hands, especially before and after eating, separate towels for greasy and wet hands, regular bathing, and washing before prayers (5 times a day), have separate bowls and water container for different purposes. We are proud of these cultural heritages that have been trans­ferring from generation to generation for centuries.

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